Press Release

The Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Tony Ojukwu Esq has condemned in strong terms the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), describing it as an affront on Nigeria’s security which is highly unacceptable.

Ojukwu while expressing shock and disappointment as he reacted to the news of the attack in his office, Tuesday in Abuja said the NDA is the pride of the country where people from other parts of the world come to train. "The invasion of the institution with high international repute where very intelligent military officers are produced is most unfortunate, unexpected and condemnable" he lamented.

Speaking further, Ojukwu said the attack on the military institution is bad in itself, and worst of it all is the killing and abduction involved "and this is the worst form of human rights violations of our time". “Military Officers like other security personnel are entitled to carry out their duties in relative safety and security.”They are fathers and mothers of their families who entitled go to work and come back alive" he further stated.

The human rights boss called on the military to leave no stone unturned in its efforts to rescue the abducted military officer and fish out the abductors to face the wrath of the law. This will discourage further attacks on other national critical assets and infrastructure.

He commiserates with the families of the gallant men of the Nigerian military Lieutenant Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Okoronkwo, saying they have paid the Supreme price of serving their fatherland and their sacrifice will not go in vain.

Ojukwu used this opportunity to call on the government to put adequate measures in place to tighten and improve the security situation in Kaduna state and other parts of the country. Kaduna state, he noted, is fast becoming the epicenter of banditry and kidnappings in recent times and these have implications on the protection of the rights of the people.

He recalled that students in their numbers had been abducted and attacked in schools at various levels in the state, adding that at the moment, children in primary and secondary schools have been ordered by the state government to stay at home as a result of the security challenges confronting the state. The few ones that are allowed to go and write exams in school, are ordered to go in mufti with fear that they can be abducted if they ardorn themselves in their uniforms. "For how long will this continue? Our children must be allowed to enjoy their rights to education in a secured environment".

We must all rise up and support the government to put an end to this menace of insecurity. Ojukwu condoled the the leadership of the Nigerian Military and the families of the officers and prayed for the safe rescue of the abducted officer.

Fatimah Agwai Mohammed.

Deputy Director Public Affairs.