Press Release

An Advisory Opinion to Federal and State Governments issued pursuant to section 5(l)(m)(o) of the National Human Rights Commission (Amendment) Act

1.0 Introduction

1. Addressing the social and economic challenges which have led to the growth of the Almajiri system in some parts of Nigeria, particularly the Northern region has occupied the minds of policy makers for some time.

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The United Nations General Assembly in 1954 encouraged all countries of the world to set aside a day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children. May 27 is traditionally the Children's Day in Nigeria. As Nigeria celebrates Children Day today 27th May, the National Human Rights Commission reiterates the need to mobilize the political will and resources to confront the challenges facing Nigerian children. We must do this as matter of necessity not only for the children but for the future of humanity.

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The National Human Right Commission has released a set of Standard Minimum Guidelines for the protection of the rights of COVID-19 patients in treatment centers across Nigeria.
Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, Mr. Tony Ojukwu stated that the Guidelines were issued in line with the mandate of the Commission to protect and promote human rights in accordance with its establishment Act.

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